Three High Wattage Power Supplies by Antec, Cooler Master and Thermaltake

The bottom of the power supply has a large 140mm fan which blows air through the unit. It's protected with a pressed fan grill pattern. Thermaltake branding can be found in the form of a badge and with their name stamped into the bottom panel itself.

Opening up the Toughpower unit shows it to be the most densely packed out of the 3 power supplies being examined. Heatsinks with dense fin concentration (for a power supply) are numerous, which is necessary in such a tightly packed power supply.

Despite the crowded appearance of the internals, build quality is solid. Component layout must have been well thought out and soldering precise so that the precious PCB real estate is not wasted.

Cooling the Toughpower is a 140mm fan. It's a Thermaltake branded fan, the TT-1425B, and its manufactured by Yate Loon.

It's a little hard to see, but the primary capacitors are from Rubycon.

The secondary capacitors are from Nippon Chemi-con. It's good to see good brands being used component wise.