500w Power Supplies: Antec EarthWatts and Seasonic M12II

On the test bench today are two power supplies, Antec's EarthWatts (EA-500) 500w and Seasonic's M12II 500w (SS-500GM). They're both 500w power supplies, and in many ways they're the same, but also quite different. With one marketed for users who want a value priced energy efficient unit, and the other for gamers, I'll take a look at what sets them apart.

The Exterior

Antec's EarthWatts power supply is constructed of plain steel. It has a very plain look to it, which fits well with it's placement as a value power supply. The Seasonic M12II on the other hand is painted black, giving it a sleeker look, especially more enticing if your case has a window. The M12II is a little longer than the EarthWatts, putting the lengths at 16cm and 14cm respectively.

The bottom of the EarthWatts power supply is just plain, flat steel. The bottom of the M12II has a 120mm fan hole, with the installed fan sucking air into the power supply. It is protected by a black wire grill.

Like the bottom of the EarthWatts power supply, the top is plain, flat steel. The bottom of the M12II is also plain, but finished with the same black colour as the top.