Antec Three Hundred Gamer Case

Subjective Noise Evaluation

In evaluating the noise of the test system in the Three Hundred case, it was easy to tell that the case was of good quality. All of the parts of the case was securely fastened, and there was no vibrational noise caused by the case. With the system on, movings parts such as fans and the hard drive did not cause any discernable vibrational noise in the case either. The only noise I could hear from the case when the test system was operating were sourced from the drives and fans within. There were no drive specific sound isolating mechanisms, so the familiar low motor noise and seeking noise of the hard drive were audible. With respect to the included case fans, when all fans were set to Low speed, a low hum could be heard accompanied with light airflow noise (a barely audible woosh). Subjectively, with all fans at Low speed, the whole test system was very quiet. Most probably wouldn't notice the noise in a regular environment unless there was complete silence to begin with. When the fans were set to High speed, the level of noise increased significantly. The noise generated with fans set to High is definately noticeable, and may be annoying to some users (I don't think I'd be able to live with it). When looking at the benefit of heat dissipation with all fans at High versus the temperatures achieved with all fans at Low, I can't see why users would bother with the High speed setting.


Antec produced a great case with the Three Hundred. Build quality was good and the design was smart. With our test system, we didn't have any issues with compatibility, and the installation of components went smoothly without any problems. All of the components during testing were kept cool with minimal noise. Priced at around $60USD, I feel that the case is great value for the money. Yes, I did have a few recommendations for additions and changes to the case and its overall package, but they were all pretty minor. We wouldn't recommend this case to very high end gamers using extra long video cards, but then again neither does Antec. As the entry level case in it's gaming line of cases, Antec has other options for higher end builds. The Three Hundred is marketed for entry level gaming machines, but it's a very capable chassis up to the mid-high level as well. Taking all of this into consideration, we're proud to give Antec's Three Hundred Gamer Case our 'Bang for the Buck' award, and a 9/10 rating!