Antec Three Hundred Gamer Case

Antec has three premium lines of consumer computer cases in it's roster: Performance One, Sonata and Gamer. We've already looked at cases from the Performance One and Sonata lines and those cases left with many awards and high ratings. So now all that's left is a look at Antec's Gamer line of cases. It's pretty obvious, but the Gamer line of cases is targeted towards gamers. Antec's claim for it's Gamer cases is that they have "unprecedented cooling, convenience, and style." That's what we'll check out today with the entry level Gamer case from Antec, the Three Hundred. The general style of the Gamer series cases consist of black exteriors, lots of fans (some of them are quite big!) and perforated front panels. Moving from the Three Hundred and up the line, you gain more space, more fans (and even bigger fans!), and a side-panel window.

With our Three Hundred sample, all of these style elements are evident. The case is pure black, has lots of fans (mostly 120mm fans, with one 140mm at the top), and 2/3 of the front panel is perforated, allowing for lots of airflow.

The front panel is mainly plastic, with the perforated grill metal. The side panels and rest of the body are steel.