RAIDMAX Raptor Mid-Tower Gaming Case

Now that circuitREMIX has a new writer on staff, we're starting to focus more on cases.  Over the next few months, you can expect to see reviews of cases here from a variety of manufacturers.  We are currently working on tweaking and updating our case testing and review format based on user input, so if you have any suggestions feel free to comment and let us know.

Starting off our series of case reviews is a mid-tower gaming case from RAIDMAX.  While they're probably not one of the first brands you'd think of (at least in the North American market), RAIDMAX has been around since 1988.  Branding themselves as a budget-gaming oriented company, we'll be looking at their Raptor case to see if it fits this mould.  With a flashy and sleek design, the Raptor looks the part, but we'll see if it's worthy for your gaming rig build.

Antec One Gaming Series Mid-Tower Case

Antec is a well known name in the computer industry.  Widely recognized for its case and power supply product lines, their markets also stretches into many other product categories.  We've worked with many Antec cases and power supplies over the years here at circuitREMIX, and haven't encountered a product that we couldn't recommend to our readers.

Today we're taking a look at one of their new cases, the One.  The One is different compared to the other Antec cases we've worked on, as it's one of their value oriented offerings.  Most of the other cases we've reviewed were from the Performance One series, which are generally very feature rich, but come in at higher price points.  The One on the other hand is Antec's lowest priced case in the Gamer series.

Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow Edition Full Tower Chassis

Back in 2009, Thermaltake released the Level 10 case.  Designed in collaboration with BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the Level 10 case had a unique compartmental design and featured styling that was far from the typical computer case.  Winning many industry design awards, the Level 10 case acted as a flagship for Thermaltake.  But with a price tag of $799.99US, the cost of buying Thermaltake's pinacle of design and style is out of reach for most people.  In 2011, Thermaltake released the Level 10 GT case.  It was designed with some of the core ideas present in the original Level 10 case, but available and reachable for the masses.  Today we'll be looking at the Level 10 GT Snow Edition.

Fractal Design Define R3 USB 3.0 Case

Fractal Design is a Swedish computer hardware company that specializes in the areas of enclosures and power supplies.  When I think of other Swedish companies, Ikea and Volvo come to mind, and like their Swedish brethren Fractal Design designs and engineers its products with a Scandinavian design philosophy.  Following the major pillars of this style of design result in the creation of products that are functional, minimalistic and modern in style.

Antec Three Hundred Gamer Case

Antec has three premium lines of consumer computer cases in it's roster: Performance One, Sonata and Gamer. We've already looked at cases from the Performance One and Sonata lines and those cases left with many awards and high ratings. So now all that's left is a look at Antec's Gamer line of cases. It's pretty obvious, but the Gamer line of cases is targeted towards gamers. Antec's claim for it's Gamer cases is that they have "unprecedented cooling, convenience, and style." That's what we'll check out today with the entry level Gamer case from Antec, the Three Hundred. The general style of the Gamer series cases consist of black exteriors, lots of fans (some of them are quite big!) and perforated front panels. Moving from the Three Hundred and up the line, you gain more space, more fans (and even bigger fans!), and a side-panel window.

Antec Sonata Plus 550 Case

As we've uncovered in our P182 and P190 evaluation, Antec is a very capable designer of computer enclosures. In their Performance One line of cases, Antec was able to bring together well built cases that offered great noise and thermal performance. The P182 and P190 are in the higher end of the spectrum however. In this review, I will be taking a look at Antec's Sonata Plus 550 enclosure. The Sonata series of cases from Antec are targeted more to the mainstream and entry level enthusiast level. Today I will be determining if Antec can extend it's successful Performance One formula to the Sonata series.

Antec's Performance One P182 and P190 Cases: A Visual Review

A case is an important component of any computer system. It houses all the components, and thus can affect the performance of all of them. With so many high powered components prevalent in the average enthusiast's systems today, a good case has to offer sufficient cooling and proper design to allow for the highest levels of compatibility and stability. Antec is a company that has a reputation of fulfilling these requirements with their cases.

Today we are going to be taking a look at two of Antec's cases, the P182 and the P190. Both of these cases are from Antec's Performance One series of cases. These are targeted towards high end users who want a high quality case with excellent noise and thermal properties.

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