Daily Reviews for December 5

BitFenix Ghost Mid-Tower Chassis Review @ Tweaktown

There are plenty more features we are used to from BitFenix as well as some other new offerings not usually seen, but I need to save something for the rest of the review. For now, get yourself situated, because the Ghost mid-tower chassis from BitFenix is well worth your time to have a look at what it has to offer.  Even though there were some slight issues with the sample I was sent, I really think the Ghost is a case many buyers will gravitate to for any of their future builds - I just think it is that cool. Continue on through the specifications and packaging images, because I don't think by the time you see this case you will be disagreeing with my last statement.

In Win GRone Full Tower Chassis Review @ eTeknix

The GRone is priced at anywhere from £90-130 depending on when and where you look for one, which isn't cheap but it's about on par with other premium gaming chassis on the market, although of course you could spend more if you wanted, In Win them selves have chassis three times the price on the GRone. With a three digit price tag there are a few things you're going to want from your chassis, for your financial investment you want to see good build quality, a sturdy feature list and great performance, you may also want a good level of style, but that's a subjective quality for every individual.

FSP Aurum 92+ 650 W Power Supply Review @ Hardware Secrets

The Aurum 92+ is the new 80 Plus Platinum power supply series from FSP, available in 450 W, 550 W, and 650 W versions. Let’s see how the 650 W version fared on our tests.  The name of this series is obviously an artistic license, since “aurum” means “gold” in Latin; anyone who has studied chemistry in school knows that.

Silicon Power Diamond Series D03 USB 3.0 Portable HDD Review @ Madshrimps

The speedy D03 USB 3.0 drives from the Diamond Series come from Silicon Power and can be found with different capacities, sport a catchy design and have an internal solid aluminum structure. The outside is scratch resistant and thanks to the 2.5'' drive inside, the product remains very light, weighting only 147 grams.

Silverstone FP37 SDXC USB 3.0 Front Bay Card Reader @ Benchmark Reviews

A media card reader can be a convenient device when it comes to transferring information between cameras, video cameras and a desktop computer. Media card readers based on USB 3.0 should take advantage of the higher interface bandwidth to allow much faster file transfer. In this article, Benchmark Reviews looks at the Silverstone FP37 USB 3.0 front bay media card reader to find out just what kind of features and performance can be expected from this newer generation of media card reader.

CM Storm Quick Fire TK Mechanical Keyboard Review @ Bigbruin.com

Cooler Master just released a new keyboard to their CM Storm lineup called Quick Fire TK, which should be a nice upgrade from the CM Storm Quick Fire keyboard. The Quick Fire TK keyboard back-lighting is a major feature improvement; the red back-light looks great and the three different modes you can choose from is a very unique feature.

Thermaltake New Soprano Case Review @ Legit Reviews

Thermaltake recently announced the 'New Soprano' PC case, which is the latest revision of the companies long standing Soprano case series. This case has simple lines and brushed metal accents that keep it just classy enough for a professional office or modern home environment. Read on to see if the Thermaltake New Soprano has the look and features that you desire!