Apple TV Processor Overclocking

With the multitude of articles, hacks and reviews of the Apple TV churning out by the kilo (or pound), we have been blessed with some high quality board shots. From this, we can clearly see the clock generator chip used by Apple. In the Apple TV, the clock generator is made by Cypress and reads CY28445LFKO.

For a high quality full board shot, take a look at Anandtech's dissection of the Apple TV. But this is a snapshot of just the clock generator:

A search on Cypress' website does not yield a datasheet on the chip, but it does confirm that this is the correct chip for the Apple TV (Clock Generator for Intel Calistoga Chipset):

If someone can provide high quality board shots and a closeup of the area around the clock generator chip, it would be appreciated and I will post the pictures here. If anybody has any ideas (or pictures) on overclocking modifications for the Apple TV with this information, please contact circuitREMIX.