Daily News for May 13

Corsair HX1000W Power Supply Review @ Hardware Canucks
Fans have been frothing at the mouth for it, reviewers have been begging for it to arrive on their doorsteps and enthusiasts have been waiting for that fateful day when it becomes available to buy. We are talking about the crowning achievement of Corsair’s seemingly never-ending quest to produce a 1000W power supply: the HX1000W. Indeed, forums all over the internet have been abuzz with excitement ever since that fateful day more than half a year ago when the first tantalizing pictures of this behemoth showed up on a few websites. Well, the wait is over; the mothership has landed and the Corsair HX1000W should be available for purchase from you friendly neighborhood retailer as you read this.

Corsair Voyager 32GB Flash Drive @ TechwareLabs
The Corsair Voyager 32GB is currently the ultimate in flash portable storage with a massive amount of space. We test the Voyager against the Kingston DataTraveler for transfer speeds and bring you the results. If you are looking to carry the equivilant of 7 DVD's worth of information in your shirt pocket and want fast reliable storage then the Voyager just might be right for you. Read our review to find out.

Sapphire HD 3650 OC ATi Video Card @ Pro-Clockers
Sapphire has been around long enough to know how to put out a great video card. Just a few weeks ago we took a long look at the Toxic 3870 which is an overclocked 3870 with a single slot cooling system. Yeah that was a good one. But now we are here to take a look at the budget HD3650 from Sapphire. But this budget card has an added punch to its core and memory clocks as it is overclocked as well, just like the Toxic 3870.

Sapphire Toxic 512MB Radeon HD3870 Graphics Card Review @ Bigbruin
The Sapphire Toxic 512MB Radeon HD3870 graphics card offers strong performance right out of the box, but if you have any interest in overclocking you can turn it into a real powerhouse. There are really no negatives to discuss in terms of performance, quality, and overall appeal. The card performs well, it stays cool and quiet, and the bundle of accessories is generous.

Gigabyte X48 DQ6 775 Motherboard @ Pro-Clockers
Gigabyte being a leader in motherboards is making it easy on us to have the best when new chipsets are released. They have being right there, first to market, when Intel believed it was time for change. This used to be a position held by Asus. Gigabyte is the first to bring us the new X48 chipset to our rigs. This honor belongs to the X48-DQ6 and X48T-DQ6, DDR2 and DDR3 versions respectively. The DQ6 being the high end model for Gigabyte, it has all the bells and whistles. From complex cooling systems to high-end capacitors you can’t ask for more in a motherboard except for excellent overclocking. Can the X48-DQ6 accomplish what we achieved with EX-38 just a few weeks ago?

Patriot Viper DDR3-1866 2GB Memory Kit @ Tweaktown
Patriot has been one of the newer companies to come on board at TweakTown to supply us with their high performance memory for testing, and so far we have been pretty impressed with their line of high performance memory. Once again they have come on board to send us their new series of DDR3 modules. Today we have Patriot’s Viper Fin DDR3 2GB dual channel memory kit. The sticker on one side of each memory module contains info on the modules. The kit we received was rated for speeds of 1866MHz or 933MHz core speed with timings of 8-8-8-24 at a maximum voltage of 1.9v. The modules are all RoHS which means they are manufactured with lead free solder.

Foxconn 9600GT-512NOC Video Card @ Futurelooks
Sure the NVIDIA 9800 series of video cards are the current crème de la crème of gaming performance but what if you don’t have the scratch to afford such a beast? Well that’s where the NVIDIA 9600 series comes in. Foxconn sent us over their pre-overclocked 9600GT. As an overclocked card, it should give us a bit more kick than your standard garden variety card.

NVIDIA GeForce To Quadro Soft-Mod Guide @ TechARP
It all revolves around the driver support for professional 3D applications like 3ds Max or Maya. Quadro drivers allow the Quadro to be used to accelerate the rendering operations of such professional 3D applications while GeForce drivers do not. This is the basis for the premium prices NVIDIA (and ATI) charge for their professional-grade graphics cards.