Daily News for May 8

DFI LANParty LT X48-T2R Motherboard @ Tweaktown
X48 has certainly earned a name for itself now. While Intel has been at the back end of adapting new technologies that actually work (forget the Rambus incident), the X38/X48 chipsets are somewhat ahead of their time. What can be said for the DFI X48 LANParty board other than yet another success from this once OEM company is that DFI has really taken on a new persona over the last three years. With a huge boost in R&D, DFI are designing boards that are not only functional, but look just as good as they perform.

NZXT Alpha Classical Series Mid-Tower Case @ Benchmark Reviews
Fortunately, since the PC Enclosure market is roughly organized into three segments; entry/OEM level, mid-range and performance/enthusiast, all you need to do to begin your case search, is to figure out which segment of the market fits your systems needs and zero your search down to that particular segment. Someone looking to spend between $25.00-$75.00 on their future system's enclosure need not waste their time exploring the expensive performance/enthusiast segment of the market, and so forth. Well, if part of your criteria is that you are on a budget or a first time builder, then usually the place to start is at the entry and budget mid-range levels. Once there, while parusing the current multitude of styles and designs, your eye would almost certainly be caught by the entry-to-mid-range NZXT offering: the ALPHA. The first time you see it, you'll think, "I bet that's what Darth Vader's desktop looks like." Today at Benchmark Reviews, we're going to find out if NZXT's latest in their Classic series line is just another....pretty face?

XFX nForce 790i Ultra SLI Motherboard Review @ Legit Reviews
The XFX nForce 790 Ultra SLI motherboard is designed for the latest generation 45nm Core 2 processors with Front Side Bus speeds of up to 1600MHz. Based on the NVIDIA nForce 790i MCP chipset, this powerful ATX platform supports all the latest enthusiast technology. This versatile platform is SLI 3-way and 2-way ready and features NVIDIA Enthusiast System Architecture, MediaShield Storage, NVIDA System Tools, and NVIDIA DualNet Technology. Read on to see how it performs! Performance on the XFX nForce 790i Ultra SLI motherboard was great! The majority of our testing showed that the motherboard performance was very close to what we have seen on recent Intel Express chipset based boards. Once we look at more recent gaming results like FEAR and Crysis, we see that the XFX 790i Ultra absolutely dominates compared to the boards we tested it against in this review...

Nvidia's nForce 780a SLI Chipset @ Tech Report
Interestingly, the nForce 780a SLI's motherboard GPU is much more than just a frame buffer middleman—it's a fully functional DirectX 10-class graphics processor. The GPU core has the same architecture as the GeForce 8400 GS discrete GPU and features 16 stream processors. Clock speeds are actually a little higher than the GS, with the 780a's mGPU core running at 500MHz and its shaders clocked at 1.2GHz. The mGPU even includes a PureVideo HD decode engine capable of handling "full" MPEG2, VC-1, and AVC high-definition video decoding duties for the Blu-ray and the now defunct HD DVD standards.

Aeneon XTune DDR3-1333 Memory Kit @ Pro-Clockers
If you are not familiar with Aeneon’s DDR3 modules here is a quick rundown. Aeneon makes two different lines of DDR3, the first is their ‘value’ line which has no heat spreaders and a better price point. But the second series is the one that many of us would choose as it is meant for the overclocker and gamer that wants the most out of their rig. XTune is what this line is called and sports a very clean set of heat spreaders and pretty good timings. For those that are into numbers, how does 8-8-8-15 at just 1.5 volts sound?

Sapphire HD 3850 1 Gigabyte High Definition Graphics Card @ Club Overclocker
Not too long ago, our very own Paul did a pretty intensive review of one of the latest ATi powered video cards to hit the market, the 3870 Toxic. Hot on the heels of that review, Sapphire sent us the 3870's little brother, the HD 3850 1GB. We already know that Paul loved the 3870, both for the performance, the price, and the sweet bundle, so will the 3850 keep us satisfied as well, or leave us wanting for more?

OCZ Quad 2Gb Memory Kit Review - 8Gb of Platinum Goodness @ Madshrimps
With the introduction of Vista, 2 GB of memory suddenly seems insufficient. Many people have made the jump to 4 GB lately, but on a 32Bit operating system, more is definitely overkill. Today we happen to have a 64 bit operating system installed on our test system, so there's no stopping us from fully loading our P35 motherboard with... 8 GB of memory. And we even managed to overclock it!

Corsair Voyager 32GB Flash Drive @ Pro-Clockers
How would you like to have 32 gigs of storage in your front pocket? There was a time when just a one gig flash drive was the ‘big drive’. Just enough storage room to transport a few pictures of the loved ones or enough to hold a few songs to share with your best friend. Times have changed and needs have increased. Now we have movies, programs and other large forms of files that would shallow a one gig drive. That’s when a drive like the Voyager comes into play. Besides an abundance of space, the Voyager is rigid and durable as well.