Daily Reviews for Apr 30

Kingston HyperX T1 2800MHz DDR3 Memory Review on Ivy Bridge @ Legit Reviews

Kingston Technology is getting ready to release new HyperX dual-channel memory kits that have been engineered especially for the new Intel third-generation Core i7 and i5 processors (Ivy Bridge). These new kits range in speed from 1600MHz to 2800MHz and we got our hands on a 2800MHz kit a little early to give you a look at what to expect next month. Read on to see how our Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge CPU and Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H motherboard perform with some HyperX memory!

Thermaltake Element Q Small Form Factor Chassis @ TechwareLabs

Small form factor PC's can often be a fun endeavour but they can also be an essential part of a network. Their leading applications include HTPCs and wordprocessors/internet browsers but the limitations only exist with software.  Some Mini-ITX cases come with all the bells and whistles and start at a small fortune.  But what if you're looking for a chassis without breaking the bank?  Here to hold that position in the market is the Thermaltake Element Q Small Form Factor Chassis.

AMD A8-3870K Black Edition APU Review @ Madshrimps

The Black Edition A8-3870K APU from AMD is aimed at the mainstream market and offers enough performance for occasional gaming at lower resolutions, other multimedia activities or office work, this without the need to buy a dedicated video card. Thanks to the unlocked multiplier, overclocking becomes much easier than before and the performance gains after this operation are quite surprising.

HIS HD7950 IceQ Turbo 3GB Video Card @ Benchmark Reviews

We have now seen round three of the AMD HD7000 series video card launch cycle and still NVIDIA have yet to fully show their hand, and until they do these new video cards are going to cost an arm and a leg. In this article we take a look at the more moderately priced (compared with the HD 7970) HIS Radeon HD7950 IceQ Turbo 3GB video card armed with AMD's Tahiti 28nm GPU Core. Sure enough it will run your favorite games with high settings at 1080p but with an msrp of $459.99 you might want to check your finances before you click that buy button. Benchmark Reviews aims to provide you with an unbiased review of the HIS Radeon HD7950 IceQ Turbo 3GB video card (model H795QT3G2M) and report back our findings, keeping you informed on the latest technologies available on the market today.

Razer Naga Hex Expert Gaming Mouse Review @ NikKTech

The very first target group of gaming mice was FPS gamers since due to its nature the mouse offered significantly better performance/speed and accuracy compared to both the keyboard and gamepads/joypads. Because of that and also because almost a decade ago FPS games were flooding the market it took many years before manufacturers started even considering the development of gaming mice for other game types such as RTS and MMO's. Fortunately today the market is filled with countless gaming mice designed with special features for every gamer type out there from FPS and RTS gamers up to MMO gamers. The Naga Hex by Razer which has been with us for the past week was designed not only to cover the needs of regular FPS gamers but also the needs of the more demanding MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) gamers who require the best of all worlds including speed/accuracy, control and extra buttons.

Intel Core i5-3570K "Ivy Bridge" Processor Review @ Hi Tech Legion

The Intel Core i5 3570K is part of Intel's Ivy Bridge processor line retailing for $212. The Core i5 3570K is based on 22nm manufacturing technology and uses new 3D-trigate transistors to deliver better performance at a lower TDP than Sandy Bridge based LGA1155 CPUs. Coinciding with the 3rd Generation Core i5 3570K's release are the new Intel Panther Point chipsets which deliver native USB 3.0 and PCI-E 3.0 support to mainstream Intel systems. Equipped with 4 cores/4 threads with 6MB of L3 cache and having a maximum turbo frequency of 3.8GHz, the Intel Core i5 3570K has plenty of processing power for most enthusiast needs.

Western Digital VelociRaptor 1TB (WD1000DHTZ) Review @ TechwareLabs

The one storage drive line that has bucked the trend over the years and managed to create noticeable separation between itself and its contenders/pretenders, and that is Western Digital’s VelociRaptor line. Prior to SSD’s hitting mainstream, the VelociRaptor line, with its 10,000 RPM spindle speed, was “the” pinnacle of performance and was the defacto choice for anyone that put performance before price. Fast forward to present day, where widespread competition is making SSD drives more and more affordable the VelociRaptor line isn’t enjoying the same V.I.P treatment from enthusiasts it once used too.

Corsair Vengeance K90 Gaming Keyboard Review @ Hardware Secrets

We continue to analyze the Vengeance line of gaming-grade keyboards and mice from Corsair, after reviewing the FPS-oriented K60 keyboard and M60 mouse. Now we're about to see the peripherals designed for strategy and role playing games, featuring more configuration capabilities. First we'll take a look at the Vengeance K90, a mechanical keyboard with 18 macro keys and an illuminated aluminum chassis. Let's describe its physical characteristics.


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