Daily Reviews for Jan 27

Enermax Fulmo GT Big Tower Chassis Review @ Tweaktown

It seems Enermax has really picked up the pace the past year and is delivering quite the assortment of products in getting ready for this year. Not too long ago we took a look at the ED-T60 CPU cooler with its T.B. Vegas fan and multiple lighting schemes which made this cooler attractive and customizable to your own preference. Then we sort of stepped out of the box and went into peripherals with the Briskie wireless keyboard and mouse. From what I thought was essentially a PSU and cooler maker, the Briskie made me look at Enermax with much wider eyes as I took the blinders off to see what they actually have to offer. Now, we again step outside the "norm" and get a chance to look at what Enermax is now bringing forth in chassis design.  This new chassis takes cues from other chassis we have seen already, but still has enough of its own accents to make this new chassis a case that will have no issue standing taller than most of its competition. The "big tower" as Enermax labels it, should really be called a huge tower chassis. In the design quest for this chassis, the main idea was to allow any motherboard up to and including HPTX, or the form factor made specifically for the SR-2 from EVGA, and with the SR-3 in the works, even if you missed out on the original, you now have a chassis worthy of housing its predecessor.

Sharkoon T9 Mid Tower ATX PC Chassis Review @ eTeknix.com

With the hundreds of PC cases that are on the market today, the spectrum of styles and designs is very wide.  On the bottom end of the scale there is the case that is there to do its job and not much else, whereas on the top end of the market, there are the highly customisable cases that have stacks to offer.  The design of these cases follows pretty much the same pattern, but there are some people out there that would like to have a case that on the outside is a little understated & aesthetically clean and on the inside has a little more to shout about.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler Review @ Tweaknews

To sum it all up, Cooler Master's new Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler has great performance, yet leaves a relatively small acoustic footprint. The included mounting solution is very robust, if a bit fussy to install, and Cooler Master includes an extra pair of fan clips should the user wish to add another fan.

GELID Solutions Darkforce PC Case Review @ Legit Reviews

Gelid Solutions recently entered the PC case market with introduction of the DARKFORCE mid-tower enclosure. This case will try to wow you with some cool innovative features while keeping to the Gelid Solutions focus. The focus of the company is to give a PC enthusiast a product with great cooling capabilities while also having great aesthetics.  The DARKFORCE mid-tower comes into a saturated field of mid-towers made for PC gamers and enthusiasts. Gelid Solution will need to take a unique approach to find ways to distinguish itself from the competitions at the entry price of $120 in the US market. After an overview of the specifications, it looks like Gelid Solutions has used its past experiences to put something a little different into this product...

Enermax Fulmo GT Full PC Case @ Pro-Clockers

We will be taking a look at the Fulmo GT from the eye of the water-cooling system builder. Reason being is the Fulmo GT offers so much room for such a system. It is not often you can find a tower that can support dual loops without having to mod or having to go big with extra large expensive cube cases from case makers like CaseLab, Lian Li and Mountain Mod. We are not saying the Fulmo GT is small but its total area spans up and down and not up and down and left and right taking up more space and looking like a small refrigerator.

ASUS P9X79 WS Workstation Motherboard @ Benchmark Reviews

Generally when we here at Benchmark Reviews get a motherboard in to test, it's aimed at a specific market: it might be an enthusiast-oriented motherboard for gaming, or a micro-ATX motherboard designed for a HTPC, or even just an inexpensive motherboard for users on a budget. Today, though, we have one of ASUS' "Workstation" motherboards: the ASUS P9X79 WS. How does it differ from other X79 motherboards, what's the performance, and should this board be on your short list for your X79 rig?

Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6670 @ TechwareLabs

Today we have the Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6670. This is, among other things a low-profile graphics card capable of being installed in an HTPC with half-height PCI brackets. Coming in at just under $90, this card is "inexpensive" in terms of the graphics world. I personally would expect to be able to play dated, and non-graphic intensive games with ease, let's see if the HD 6670 can deliver - but first, lets get Sapphire's take.