Daily Reviews for Nov 25

ASUS Radeon HD 6950 DirectCU II Video Card @ Pro-Clockers The Radeon HD 6950 is from the Cayman Pro family that boasts an 800MHz core clock as well as 1250MHz GDDR5 memory clock. This along for many maybe enough to consider the card a worthy purchase but the 1408 shader processors and 2GB of memory definitely does help a lot. Our sample we are testing today is from ASUS and you know they are not ones to leave reference numbers and parts alone. The Radeon HD 6950 DirectCU II increases the stock core clock to 810MHz while the memory clock remains the same. But where this Radeon HD 6950 is in the cooling department which is based on direct heat pipe technology to help keep core clocks are bay. Fractal Design Define XL Black Pearl Case Review @ Legit Reviews Built like a truck and can hold 10 HDD's, Fractal Design's latest case is trying to break new ground in both price and features for a what they are calling a "mid-tower". Legit Reviews takes a closer look at the Define XL in Black Pearl to see how it stacks up to the rest of the cases at the super competitive ~$150 price point.  We love seeing new companies come in an disrupt a market with fresh ideas and innovative solutions. Fractal Design's attempt at a large mid tower case does focus on some of this but in a quirky confusing way. I don't think we have reviewed a case that made us say "hmmm, that's interesting" more times than with the Define XL. The thought put into the sound deadening design is fantastic and will force you to check the power button light to make sure it is running... OCZ Synapse Cache SSD 64GB Review @ Real World Labs If you want blazing fast SSD class performance coupled with plenty of storage but you can’t afford to get one of the large capacity SSDs currently in the market then worry not since OCZ has just the right product for you called the Synapse Cache SSD. SwitchEasy CANVAS iPad 2 Case Review @ Madshrimps The CANVAS iPad 2 Case from SwitchEasy combines nice looks with protection by using an inner shell made from strong polycarbonate plastic to hold the tablet securely and the outside is made from a soft, matte and water resistant surface with super rich microfiber lining. The top cover is magnetic, supports the On/Off function and can be secured with a clasp. The Audio/Data-Charge connectors can be protected with the supplied covers and the tablet can be positioned at different angles, by using the grooves on the interior of the front cover. VTX3D Radeon HD 6850 X-Edition Graphics Card Review @ eTeknix.com Unless you really do have your ear to the ground, you may be unaware as to who VTX3D are. VTX3d or Vertex 3D are a brand that have been brought to the market by the TUL Corporation, which you may or may have not noticed from the uncanny styling that’s similar on both ranges of cards, is the parent company of leading graphics card manufacturer PowerColor.  VTX3D have been launched to offer the same products as PowerColor but with a slight difference, and that’s the price. They have been deemed to be the “price aggressive” department of TUL Corporation, which is great for the consumer as it passes the savings on but still remains to give you great performance and good quality, all at the same time.  One of the hottest selling cards around is the Radeon HD 6850 which offers one of the best price/performance ratios that we’ve ever seen in the history of AMD graphics cards. VTX3D have adopted this by creating their very own version; the X-Edition HD 6850. Whilst the X-Edition aspect doesn’t mean a lot, we do see another 6850 being added to the mix against the big contenders such as Asus and Sapphire, so it will be interesting to see how this value concious brand copes with our new and improved testing procedures for graphics cards. Western Digital Scorpio Blue 1TB 5400RPM Hard Drive Review With the SSD season slowing down, we finally get to break free and spend some time on other storage technology. The mechanical hard drive world has made some advances in recent months. Some of the biggest news has come from companies like Western Digital increasing the platter density on their disks.  The 1TB mark for the 2.5" form factor was hit over a year ago, but all of the early drives used 15mm drive heights with three spinning platters. Western Digital was the first with a 1TB 15mm drive and they are also one of the first with a standard notebook size 1TB drive as well.