Taking the plastic shroud off the FTW LE we can see that not only does the exterior of the card resemble the reference GTX 680, but what's under the hood matches as well.  The cooler configuration consists of a radial fan at the front of the card which pushes air taken from the inside of the computer case, and pushes it through a heatsink, which then exhausts out the back of the video card.  It's a tried and tested design that's been used for many of AMD's and nVidia's reference boards for high end enthusiast GPUs, past and current. 

Unlike the most of the large third party coolers employed by many non-reference design video cards, one of the main benefits of a cooler with this design is that it doesn't add nearly as much heat to the inside of your computer's case.

The heatsink used for the FTW LE's GTX 670 GPU is the same as one used for the reference GTX 680.  It has a copper base with aluminum fins, and is dedicated for cooling the GPU core only.  Compared with the reference GTX 670 cooler, this one has more mass and surface area.

The other main component of the FTW LE's cooler is the metal bracket which covers most of the surface of the PCB.  It acts as a heatsink to cool the GDDR5 modules and the components comprising the power circuit.  Besides its use for cooling, it acts as a large bracket to keep the PCB straight and rigid, and as a mount for the radial fan.  It's because of this metal bracket that the FTW LE (and reference design GTX 680s) feels very sturdy.

There are eight 2Gbit GDDR5 modules on the video card, giving a total of 2GB.  The Samsung K4G20325FD-FC03 modules are rated to run at 1500MHz (6000MHz GDDR5 effective).

The GTX 670 FTW LE includes four power phases for the GPU and two for the GDDR5.  This configuration is the same as the reference design for the GTX 670 and 680.

The voltage controller employed by EVGA for the GTX 670 FTW LE is the Richtek RT8802a.  Like the reference GTX 670, this voltage controller doesn't support software voltage changes.  From what we've seen, only some higher end GTX 670s include controllers which support this functionality.

There are eight 2Gbit GDDR5 modules on the video card, giving a total of 2GB.  The Hynix H5GQ2H25AFR-R0C modules are rated to run at 1500MHz (6000MHz GDDR5 effective).


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