Overclocking Intel's Core 2 Duo E8400 Xeon Counterpart, the E3110

I'm sure all of our readers have seen all seen the online reviews of Intel's new Core 2 Duo E8400 and E8500 dual-core processors. They're big news. These new processors codenamed Wolfdale benefit from a die shrink from 65nm to 45nm, and improved architecture which results in better clock for clock performance compared to the Conroes. As well, L2 cache has been increased from 4MB to 6MB, and the bus speed bumped from 1066MHz to 1333MHz (quad-pumped). Initial reports from around the web place the E8000 series Wolfdales as great overclockers. Looking at many review websites and user experiences from forums, the E8400’s and E8500’s are hitting upwards of 4GHz with air cooling without much voltage increase. Adding this performance with a retail value of around $200US, the E8400 is a great value.

The current problem with the E8000 series is availability. There aren’t many stores, if any, which have the E8400 or E8500 in stock. These processors are high in demand, and so far supply from Intel hasn’t been able to keep up.

This is where Intel’s Xeon E3110 processor comes in. On paper it has the Xeon branding, but under the hood it’s the same as the Core 2 Duo E8400. They are 45nm Socket 775 processors, and have the same 3GHz operating frequency with 1333MHz quad-pumped bus. Their architectures and instruction sets are the same as well.

As we can see, the specifications for the E8400 and E3110 are essentially the same. Getting down to it, both processors are the same. They share the same CPUID and stepping. The VID voltage range is slightly different, and this could be a result of differences in the binning specifications of the processors. It is believed that the Xeon series of CPU’s are binned processors that require less power than its standard desktop counterparts. Availability wise in Canada, I found the Xeon E3110 to be a bit easier to find than the E8400. At the time of my order, the E3110 was in stock at a popular Canadian online retailer, but the E8400 was nowhere to be found. Looking at their website, it looks like DirectCanada will have stock again on March 25, 2008.



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These 2 processors are

These 2 processors are basically identical. Check the blueprint for the motherboard you are application or traveling to use for affinity with 45nm architecture, juegos de bob esponja DDR2 or DDR3 usage, as DDR2 and 3 standards are aswell altered for anniversary board.

Dear Gurus, I need advise on

Dear Gurus, I need advise on my PC gaming setup. Intel Xeon E3110 3.0Ghz processor, Xigmatek Dark Knight CPU cooler, MSI P45 NEO3 mainboard, Vantec Ion 2plus 500 Watt PSU, Kingston HyperX DDR2 1066 4GB Kit (CL5, 5-5-5-15, 2.2-2.3V) , Sapphire HD6870 GPU. I would like to do OC on the processor. Can the PSU support? From the HD6870 spec, it require minimum 500 Watt to run. If OC, will my current PSU sufficient? If not, how big PSU should I use? What about my others hardware?

Sorry, I'm using Kingston

Sorry, I'm using Kingston HyperX 2x2GB (not 1 pc 4GB)

The E3110 works on an ASUS

The E3110 works on an ASUS Maximus Extreme Motherboard. I had it on the board before changing over to a quadcore 45NM. The only difference between the E3110 and E8400 that I found was that you may not be able to run certain programs on a server chip (E3110), most programs will work. Other than that it has the same basic architecture. The difference between dual core processors and Core 2 duo is big. All the E8400's and E3110 (core 2 duo) have pipeline control distribution to merge the data process more effectively, efficient control and duo core's only have first in first out basis integration. 45NM processors displace heat faster, therefore can be overclocked to greater levels.

Hi I'm planning to buy

Hi I'm planning to buy either Xeon E3110 or Core2 Duo E8400. Is it compatible with Asus P5W-DH Deluxe Motherboard which I bought last year and still unused. Thanks for the reply.

dual core [as in pentium d]

dual core [as in pentium d] and core 2 are different in the size of die used. dual core pentium d, is 90nm while core 2' e6*** are 65nm, while the newer e8*** core2 series are 45nm. [and in this case e3*** series xeons.] die shrink is whats needed to achieve lower power consumtion which in turn allows for a cooler cpu which equals a much larger overhead for overclocking. [hence more speed] its not quite that simple but you get the idea.

Hey, what did you guys use

Hey, what did you guys use to measure voltage? I have a Xeon E3110, Crucial DDR3-1600 Ballistix, and the Asus P5K3-Deluxe mobo (the same one you used in this review). I can't seem to get my Xeon stable at 4GHz. What voltage did you guys use at 4GHz in the Asus voltage settings? I've got a Zalman CNPS9500, it was the largest cooler I could fit in my Antec P190 what with the side fan and all. I've got a super-stable 3.6GHz clock running Prime95 for about 3 days now.

Intel Xeon 3000 sequence is

Intel Xeon 3000 sequence is much better that C2D 8000's in terms of extended usage & overclocking!

Hi i just purchased a Xeon

Hi i just purchased a Xeon 3110 CPU, ASUS Maximus Formula LGA775 X38 ATX DDR2 and Mushkin XP PC2-8000 Redline 4GB 2X2GB DDR2-1000. Can anyone help with overclocking

The Xeon e3110 and the Core

The Xeon e3110 and the Core 2 Duo e8400 are essentially identical, with the exception that the Xeon may undergo more strenuous testing as it is a server cpu. Any Intel based motherboard that is designed to use 45nm architecture is compatible with both processors, and since memory isn't controlled by the cpu (but by a seperate chip on the motherboard, in the case of Intel)...DDR3, DDR2, etc., isn't an issue. Just make sure that the motherboard you use is compatible with the memory you choose, some motherboards can use both DDR2 and DDR3 (ie..P35 North bridge chipset). Server CPU's are designed to run 24/7, so the Xeon requires slightly lower voltages to lessen the heat it creates. The e3110 and the e8400 have identical clock speeds with the same multiplier, but at slightly different voltages (very slight). I hope this answers several of the questions, these 2 processors are basically identical. Check the specifications for the motherboard you are using or going to use for compatibility with 45nm architecture, DDR2 or DDR3 usage, as DDR2 and 3 standards are also different for each board...but that's a little complicated and I won't get into that.

does the xeon e3110 is

does the xeon e3110 is compatible with these motherboards: ASUS P5E3 PREMIUM/WIFI-AP, ASUS MAXIMUS EXTREME LGA 775, ASUS P5E3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP LGA 775?

Yup, should be compatible

Yup, should be compatible with all P35/P45/X38/X48 based motherboards.

i was just wondering.. there

i was just wondering.. there isnt too much difference in price between those two chips (from retail, brand new). why would you even consider buying e3110 instead of just buying e8400?

Well, mainly because the

Well, mainly because the E3110 they are refering to is a Xeon processor, made for servers, supposedly more reliable, longer lasting, etc. The E8400 is a Core 2 Duo, essentially the same chip, but with higher voltages, and possibly more power consumption and heat production.

Hi i was just wondering

Hi i was just wondering about the Xeon E3110 is it compatible with the new ASUS Striker II Extreme 790I Ultra LGA775 DDR3 3PCI-E16 2PCI SATA2 RAID Sound GBLAN 1394 Motherboard ? And does it make a difference that it is dual core not dual core 2 CPU ?

Yes it should be compatible.

Yes it should be compatible. I've even seen reports of people using the E3110 on 780i based boards. If the E8400 is supported by that motherboard, the E3110 should have no problems.

And Core 2 Duo is just the marketing name, so since the E8400 and E3110 are essentially the same processor, there is no difference.

Ok first i was lead to

Ok first i was lead to believe that a DUAL core is much slower than a Core2 the Xeon 3110 is labeled as Dual core not core 2,,,has anyone checked to see what speed they actually show under windows, someone says that a 2 gig core 2 shows as 3.5 under normal circumstances...what does the Xeon 3.0 dual core show. are they like two 1.5 cores or really two 3.0 cores?

You've got it all wrong

You've got it all wrong :) There's the Intel Dual Core and Intel Core 2 Duo. These are only brand names, as BOTH are dual core CPUs. The Core 2 Duo is newer technology, thus better The E8400 is a Core 2 Duo. The Xeon E3100 is basically the same chip.

I found one (E3110), after

I found one (E3110), after seeing one run without problem on a recent ship Asus P5K Deluxe . That I bought it via a well-known auction site , from Canada , may give grist to the rumour mills.

Hi, on the Intel Website it

Hi, on the Intel Website it says that the E3110 only takes DDR2 ram. It looks like your tests here were done with DDR3? So, does the E3110 work with DDR2 ram? Thanks again, Sixto Sicilia

To say it over and

To say it over and over......... If the memory control resides on the same chip , and is integrated with the CPU - then it is possible/likely that there could be problems handling a memory chip with a different way of accessing the lines. AKA AMD. When the memory access is controlled by a separate chip on the motherboard (that is , the CPU is 'dumb' in this context), all the processor wants is data , and the delivery logic is up to the supplier. It could be construed as the Achilles heel in Intel philosophy ; but commercially works well.

From user experiences I've

From user experiences I've seen, it works with DDR2 as well. The memory controller is in the motherboard chipset, not in the CPU itself.

Should work with DDR2.

Should work with DDR2. After all, if you check the P35 based Intel motherboards like the Intel DP35DP that uses DDR2, you will see the Xeon E3110 listed in the compatible processors. Just make sure you have the right BIOS that will support the processor.

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