RunCore Pro V Max 240GB Solid State Drive

Performance Testing Results Continued...

FutureMark's PCMark 7 Pro has a useful storage benchmark.  It tests read and write patterns of commonly used functions that computer users will encounter regularly.  While most of the other tests show the raw performance of the drives, PCMark helps to translate that performance into how it will affect daily functions.  The ProV Max is generally inline with the other Sandforce + Synchronous NAND drives, but it does pull a bit ahead in the 'Importing Photos' and 'Starting Applications' tests.

The results of our real world file copy test are interesting.  The Pro V Max breaks from the Sandforce and synchronous NAND class and it's performance deviates.  For the transfers of smaller files of the Document and MP3 class, the Pro V Max is well ahead of all the other single drives.  But for large files, the speed falls back quite a bit.