Corsair VX550 550w Power Supply

Testing Results

For the efficiency tests, the margin between measured AC power draw between the Corsair and Seasonic units is very small. They are within 1.5% of each other. This is no surprise as both units feature active PFC and are 80 Plus certified.

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In testing voltage regulation, the VX550 was rock solid on all voltage rails between idle and load situations.

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Aesthetically, the VX550 has a matte black finish which should go well with any case. Black goes with almost everything right? The orange decal on the side of the power supply is what would be visible if your case has a side window, and while being bright enough to stand out, it's not glossy and tacky. The black sleeving on the cables also looks nice, and hides the 'typical' red-black-yellow cable colour scheme. Overall, Corsair has a good looking power supply in the VX550.

Examining the build design and build quality of the VX550, I couldn't be happier. Externally, there were no defects. The housing of the unit evenly painted, the sleeving wasn't loose, and the connectors were attached firmly to the cables. Internally, all the components were soldered and/or screwed firmly in place, and the layout and choice of components was good. Hand in hand with build quality and design, the DC output performance of the VX550 was top notch. AC to DC power conversion efficiency matched our previous best power supply. The measured voltage output was solid on all three voltage rails. Overall, I can say that Corsair's VX550 is a good looking power supply that was well designed, well made, and exhibits great efficiency and DC output performance. Rounding it off, it's in the $85CDN price range at the time of publishing. Corsair's VX550 550w power supply rightly deserves a 9/10!