FUNC F-Series Mousing Surface (F10.s)

From my first personal computer to now, I've never regularly used a mousepad. I used them once and a while when using someone else's computer or when at a public lab, but I never really picked up on use for myself. I've always found a plain desk surface to be much more usable. Things changed when I got a new desk. When using my cordless optical mouse on it, I found that the desk wasn't so great for optical mice to track on. With fast movement, or even on certain parts of the desk pattern, the cursor would jump erratically. Not wanting to give up the comfortable mouse I was using, I looked for other alternatives, namely a mousepad. The reason why I never really found mousepads to be practical in the past was because they were generally too small, most smaller than an 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper. When I used ball mice, this would prove to be annoying because the mouse would lose the ability to track when it rolls over the edge of the mousepad. As well, most mousepads were generally of the foam and cloth variety which tended to be pretty thick. This was more of a comfort thing. And concerning construction, I've seen that these generic mousepads don't last long. I've seen many mousepads with the cloth peeling from the foam base which leads to bad tracking over that area.

This is when I decided to try out the FUNC F10.s mousing surface. It was on sale at a local computer store, and size wise it was exactly what I was looking for.

This is what FUNC has to say about it's product: "Func Industries’ F-Series Competition Mousing sUrfaces are single-sided, low profile, large format mouse pads. Constructed of high quality polycarbonate, the new F-Series provides consistent feedback from your mouse and has exceptional tracking qualities. The surface has been specifically designed to maximize performance with optical mice." Excerpted from the FUNC F-Series website. So how good was it?