Kingston DataTraveler mini USB Flash Drive 4GB

The USB flash drive market is saturated with so many different choices. They vary in all factors including capacity, dimensions, form factor, special features and styles. With so many options, it can be difficult to pick the right drive for you. In circuitREMIX's series of USB flash drive reviews, we will try to offer more guidance on this issue and maybe find a few gems in the pack. Today we will be examining Kingston's DataTraveler mini USB flash drive (4GB). It's a bite size drive, with a big capacity, unique design, and Migo functionality right out of the package.

The DataTraveler mini

Kingston's DataTraveler mini is a unibody USB flash drive. By unibody, we mean that the drive itself and it's cover are built together as one piece. The whole drive is made of plastic, with the exception of the USB connector. The drive element is white plastic, and the cover portion is blue plastic. Kingston's "Easter Island head" logo, as I call it, is enscribed on the front of the cover piece, and the drive's model name and capacity is silk screened on the front of the drive piece.

The back-side of the drive is a mirror image of the front. The Kingston brand name is enscribed on the blue cover-piece. On the drive piece, there is activity indicator LED.

The sides of the drive are rounded, and the thickness of the drive relatively thick. The drive-piece is approximately the same thickness as the OCZ Rally 2 and Kingston DataTraveler ReadyFlash drives, but the cover-piece adds noticeable thickness. The clear plastic at the end of the drive allows for a wrist strap (included) to be looped through.