Logitech V270 Cordless Optical Notebook Mouse for Bluetooth

I just bought a new notebook computer recently, and when I received it, I evaluated which accessories I could keep from my old notebook for use with the new one. One of these components was my old travel mouse, a Microsoft Optical Notebook Mouse. It worked fine, although it was a little small and not as comfortable as a full sized desktop mouse. When I went to use it with my new notebook, I found that the USB cable wasn't long enough. On my old notebook, the USB port was on the back, and on my new notebook, the USB ports are on the left side. Being right handed, the cable would have to pass behind my notebook in order to use the mouse properly. No dice. Anyway, this gave me an excuse to buy a new notebook mouse and this time I was aiming for a cordless one. I know I could just buy an extension USB cable, but this would just add to the bulk in my backpack (I know, not much), and besides, I never want to pass up an opportunity to buy a new gadget. In my search for a new mouse, I had very basic search criteria. I just wanted a cordless optical mouse with two buttons and a wheel. It had to be decent size, portable yet comfortable to use, and have good battery life. In addition, from looking at what was available, I decided that I didn't want to use a standard cordless mouse with a USB dongle as it just adds something that I can lose, plus it would stick out of my notebook when I'm using it, so I would have to take extra care not to break it. With my notebook having built-in Bluetooth support, wanting a Bluetooth mouse was a no brainer. Scouring through local and online stores, I found the mouse for me. According to the size, specs and the fact that it used Bluetooth, I decided to try out Logitech's V270 Cordless Optical Mouse for Bluetooth.

The Mouse

Physically, the V270 is a plain looking mouse. It is available in silver and gray, and in this case, I have the gray version. It has the standard two left and right buttons and a wheel which can also serve as a third button. The feel of the buttons is good and they give a good tactile response when clicking. The wheel works well, clicking with each scroll. You don't have to push hard to scroll, neither is the wheel too lose. To me, it just feels right.

Opening the hood exposes the battery compartment. The V270 takes two standard AA sized batteries. The mouse comes with two standard alkaline batteries, and there is no provision for recharging. The cover for the battery compartment was easily removable, and when it's on, the cover feels solid with no looseness.

Flipping the mouse over, the V270 looks like any other cordless optical notebook mouse. It has standard mouse feet, a power switch, a reset button, and the optical sensor. The power switch has an obvious function, but if you forget to turn the mouse off, it will go to a low power state in which it will remain until the mouse is moved (I've done this on a couple of occasions already). The optical sensor has a resolution of 1000-dpi.