OCZ Minikart USB Flash Drive 2GB

Performance Testing

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Unsurprisingly, the average and burst speeds are almost identical. Generally there are no electrical or mechanical design issues which would affect performance near the beginning or end of the storage range, like what magnetic/mechanical hard drives experience.

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Random access performance is lacking, especially considering other high performance drives are in the sub 5ms range. As well, standard mechanical hard drives are faster than the solid state OCZ flash drive. That being said, using the OCZ Minikart as a cache disk (it doesn't qualify for Windows Vista ReadyBoost) would be a poor choice.

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Read performance overall is decent. For the average user, performance with this drive wouldn't be discernable from any other drive in this range. With that being said, if speed is a concern for you and time is valuable, then look elsewhere for a high performance drive.

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Write performance is decent for large files. The story changes when looking at small files. While speeds averaged 1.5MB/s for the small file test batch, speeds dropped off as files got smaller much faster than for example the Kingston DataTraveler ReadyFlash drive. If you routinely copy large numbers of files that are 100kB or smaller, get drive other than the Minikart.

Note: For the file copy tests, files are copied to and from the USB flash drive and the time taken is measured. This time is divided by the total file size transferred to get the average transfer rate. For the Small Files test, a compilation of 165MB worth of small (1kB to 5MB) is used. For the Big File test, a single 478MB file is used.


Overall, the OCZ Minikart accomplishes what it was designed to do well. It is a small and thin USB flash drive that you can easily carry around everywhere inconspicuously in a small place like your wallet. Performance wise, it doesn't even come close to being on top, but OCZ never intended it to. However, the Minikart still proved itself to be of decent performance for the average user's everyday use. The average result of 5 tests is used.

So if you're looking for a performance beast, look elsewhere. But if you're looking for a value priced and super-compact storage device, OCZ's Minikart would make a great choice.